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As camping enthusiasts ourselves, we know what a camper trailer needs to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. Click here if you would like to know more about the specifications, features, and price of our camper trailers.

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Hire a premium quality camper trailer from Deluxe Camper Trailers. We are Based in Woodside in the Adelaide Hills and we service customers from South Australia, Victoria and NSW. Take the next step towards going on the holiday of your dreams today!

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Our premium quality, Australian made camper trailers are sure to make your next camping trip a memorable one. With special rates for off peak or extended hires, call us today to secure your booking.

Want to go on a camping holiday but can’t justify the cost of buying a camper trailer?

Hire one instead!

Find your camper trailer at Deluxe Camper Trailers, based in the Adelaide Hills.

Premium quality camper trailers at an affordable price, purpose built for the Australian conditions.

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Have You Considered Hiring a Camper Trailer for Your Next Holiday?

Save yourself time and money by hiring a trailer for your next holiday

There is an alternative to going out and buying a camper only to find after the initial use it just sits in the yard gathering dust and going rusty.

Why not hire one of our comfortable and easy to use Camper Trailers. Enjoy the flexibility of a camper trailer holiday without the outlay of buying your own camper trailer.

Don’t have your camper trailer sitting in your yard gathering dust and going rusty between uses. Hire a camper trailer today.


How much does it cost to hire a camper trailer?

The price of our camper trailers depends on how long you are planning on hiring them for, with discounts for multi-week and off season hires. To have a look at the full table for our camper trailer prices, please click here.

What do they look like?

All of the images featured on this site are of our current fleet models, which are available for you to hire. To see the full range of campers have a look at our Gallery here.

What do they come with?

Our Deluxe Camper Trailers come with all of the essentials you will need to enjoy your holiday in comfort. We do have a range of additional accessories that you might want to consider taking if you want that extra bit of comfort and convenience. Have a look at our full range of accessories here.

Where can I take your camper trailers?

We have two main models of camper trailer, one is an off-road camper trailer that can be taken anywhere your car can go, the second is our safari camper, which we recommend you only take on normal roads and on formed dirt roads. To read more about the models of camper trailers that we stock, please click here.

Where are you located?

We are located at 11 Evans Street, in Woodside, South Australia. This is a private residence with the commercial shed at the back of the property. If you are struggling to find us, it’s the red brick house with a green roof, drive down the driveway and past the main house to reach the shed. Feel free to give us a call or have a look at the map on our contact page.

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Deluxe Camper Trailer.

  1. Australian made, Australian tested, Australian guaranteed, small footprint, easy on the environment
  2. All canvas work is contained inside a sealed suitcase. Protected from dust, water, sun & vermin
  3. Accommodate a family of 4 (more with a hutchie room option), or double up mattresses for an extra comfy night for 2
  4. Quick and easy setup and repacking beats all others, even hard floored campers
  5. Just the 2 of you, double up the mattresses for a thicker, comfier bed, plus a hard floor camper with enclosed room
  6. Canvas work all in one piece with 2 awning areas, the rear area ready to take mesh or canvas walls, room and side skirts, ready for hutchie room (extra). Fully sewn in heavy duty vinyl floor + mesh groundsheet + marine carpet
  7. Appealing designed galvanised top can be painted to a colour of your choice
  8. Fitted roof racks for those extra bits, also strengthens roof and provides a solid bed/floor area when open

Our double camper top is one of the best multi-purpose and versatile camper trailers on the market.


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