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What is a double camper?

Refers to the double opening action of the camper. When setup gives:
  • 2 queen size beds and
  • Double room width.

Suitable for families or couples can double up the mattresses for an extra comfortable camping experience.

What is a safari trailer?

The Safari trailer is our standard trailer built to suit most cars and smaller 4 wheel drives. This trailer whilst being lighter, still retains good off road capabilities.
The Safari trailer is suitable for use on formed gravel roads and within national parks.

What is an off road trailer?

This is our purpose built heavy duty trailer designed to handle any conditions. Suitable for all your off road camping needs.
Fully galvanised body, heavy duty axle and off road springs ensure a worry free adventure camping experience.

What comes with a hire trailer?

All Deluxe Camper trailers come with everything that you need to get you started on your outback adventure.
Each trailer comes with the following:
  • All ropes, poles, pegs as required to set up the camper,
  • Kitchen utility bench,
  • Ground sheet, and sewn in vinyl floor,
  • Windbreak, and awning,
  • Mattress protector,
  • 4 plastic tubs and,
  • Stone guard (off road model only).

Does it have a stove?

Most of our customers already have stoves of their own which they are familiar with, however we do have stove tops available as an extra.

What about water storage?

  • The off road camper can store up to 7 x 20 litre jerry cans
  • The safari 3 x 20 litre jerry cans.

Plus some units have water tanks.

Is there much room for storage in the trailer?

All trailers are attached to a 2100mm x 1200mm trailer base, with 500mm sides. All this room is setup as storage under the camper trailer top.

Are there any restrictions as to where I can go?

The safari is suitable for all formed roads plus national parks etc.
The off road can go anywhere.

How heavy are the camper trailers?

Off road trailers weigh approximately 900kgs

Safari campers weigh approximately 580kgs

Do they come with bedding/mattresses?

All Deluxe Camper trailers come with mattresses provided. You will need to bring your own linen and/or sleeping bags.

What do I need to bring?

  • Linen and/or sleeping bags
  • Cooking utensils
  • Cook top or hire one of ours
  • Gas bottle/s (included with cooker)
  • Cutlery
  • Camping chairs and tables etc

Is there a bond? and How much?

Yes, there is a bond of $300. However we will not deduct this amount unless the camper is damaged or excess cleaning is required.