Frequently Asked Questions


What is a double camper?

Refers to the double opening action of the camper giving 2 queen size beds and double room width.

What is a side camper?

Refers to the side opening sideways room incorporating 1 queen size bed.

What is a safari trailer?

Our standard trailer built to suit standard cars and smaller 4 wheel drives, yet still retaining good off road capabilities.

What is an off road trailer?

Our purpose built heavy duty trailer designed to handle any conditions.

What comes with a hire trailer?

All units have ropes, poles, pegs as required to set up the camper, kitchen utility bench, ground sheet, sewn in vinyl floor, windbreak, awning, mattress protector, 4 plastic tubs & stone guard (standard on / off road model only).

Does it have a stove?

Most of our customers have stoves of their own which they are familiar with, however we do have stove tops available as an extra.

What about water storage?

The off road camper can store up to 7 x 20 litre jerry cans and the safari 3 jerry cans. Plus some units have water tanks.

Is their much room for storage in the trailer?

Yes! All trailers are based on a 2100mm 1200mm with 500mm sides. All this is storage under the trailer.

Are there any restrictions as to where I can go?

The safari is suitable for all formed roads plus national parks etc. The off road can go anywhere.